Phil Jones drives around in his stealth Audi RS6

Phil Jone's drives around in his stealth Audi RS6

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Manchester United defender Phil Jones owns a stunning yet fierce looking Audi RS6.

The former Blackburn man splashed out £80,000 on the powerful Audi 5-door. The RS6, which sports a 4 litre V8, is becoming one of the most popular cars to dominate the luxury/powerful road car market. Known for its spacious interio, the 570 BHP eats up 0-60mph in a mind boggling 3.5 seconds. Faster than a lot of 2-door supercars on the market today.

Jones’ Audi will be easy to recognise with its fogged rear lights and windows. The star has also chrome stripped the famous Audi logo on the boot lid. Adding to the stealth appearance.

The 23 year old signed for Manchester United in the summer of 2011. The fee was believed to be in the region of £16.5million. Jones has since gone onto represent England at International level, being capped 15 times.

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